Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Importance of Blogging for UKIP

The political blog directory on Totalpolitics.com Here will demonstrate the numerical disadvantage of the UKIP has in terms of the number of our blogs. We have 15 registered blogs compared to 298 for the Conservatives, 209 for Labour, 207 for the Lib Dems, even the Greens outnumber us with 74 respectively.

There are at least 35 UKIP weblogs listed in the Google directory; including regional group, personal and nationwide sites, simply opening a free blogger account isn't enough, the effort must be made to get your blogs listed in mainstream directories such as Total Politics and others. A site that has provided hundreds of hits to the Bloggers4UKIP site since it was listed.

Every UKIP group or branch should have a blog or web site, our movement is based on a localised grass roots foundation, building from the base up and councillors get elected on the publics perception of their ability to deal with local problems, therefore a UKIP group blog/site should deal exclusively with the problems faced by their potential constituents.

Provide the articles, make the effort to get your blog listed and google will do the rest.Remember If we don't cover the story others will,It is vital that if a potential voter searches the term "Birmingham UKIP" etc they receive a list with pro-UKIP sites.

Some people sneer at cyber-activism, we all know that the foot soldiers of the party do a grand job and there are never enough of them but to look down on those of us who maintain blogs is wrong. For instance the Bloggers4UKIP blog has had thousands of visitors and no doubt twice as many page views, this in effect means that Bloggers4UKIP has digitally delivered hundreds of pages of pro UKIP literature.

The Internet is now part of the political battlefield and the ability to distribute our message is a vital necessity, the importance is highlighted when you consider that the state sanctioned parties receive a platform from the BBC the biggest broadcaster in the world and arguably the most powerful with a massive presence in search engine results.

If any groups need help with creating a local blog please contact us using the contact button on the right hand side.


Bob Feal-martinez said...

My blog has been listed for sometime, but doesn't show my front page. Why is that?

wonkotsane said...

What page is that Bob?

Steve Fowler's Blog. said...

See what you mean about Total Politics website Josh.