Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Facebook Race

I have noticed there is competition going on regarding Face Book Politician Pages this race has spread to forums blogs and even branch mailing lists. There has been alot of campaging by the English Democrats and BNP over recent days to top this poll.Unfortunately UKIP is currently last and there seems to be no one campaigning for UKIP to top this poll. So we at Bloggers4UKIP have undertaken this challenge. So for abit of fun.Please help us to spread the word to your blogs and to forums. If you have a facebook group please send a email out to your members with Nigel Farage's link.

The results as of 5 pm Today are as follows (7/1/9)

Nigel Farage UKIP (British) - 171 Supporters/Fans
Nick Griffin BNP (British) - 413 Supporters/Fans
Robin Tilbrook Eng Dem (English) - 586 Supporters/Fans

So lets get out there and enter the race ! Support Nigel Facebook Group Click Here


wonkotsane said...

I've complained to the EDP about their abuse of Facebook. They're using underhand techniques, creating groups for things like St Georges Day bank holidays and We love England type subjects and then after a load have people have joined them they put EDP logos on them and turn them into EDP support groups so it looks like they've got a lot more support than they really have.

I wouldn't worry about the amount of supporters Robin has - if they're all genuine Facebook accounts then that's probably most of their membership!

I have to say, though, Robin is a nice person. I don't support him politically but on a personal level he's a very knowledgable and committed guy. It's just a shame he can't keep some elements of his party under control.