Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Take heart from Labour propaganda

Labour's dirty tricks campaign for the upcoming elections for the European Empire has already been noted by many UKIP members. Every mention of the BNP is accompanied by a mention of UKIP in an attempt to link the two together. Every mention of UKIP is accompanied by a false statement that support for UKIP has collapsed.

Here is just one example of what is being put about on an almost daily basis by the Labour propaganda machine:
This is fertile territory for the far right. The BNP is on the march too and aiming to make big gains in the European elections in June. The East Midlands, which includes the old coalfield, is one of their main target areas. The senior Labour MEP and veteran anti-fascist campaigner Glyn Ford believes that the BNP could win up to half a dozen Euro seats and that it is possible that only the north-east and south-west of England could be without a BNP MEP after election night. His grim prognosis is echoed by other MPs in the East Midlands, who believe that the collapse in support for the UK Independence Party will see more votes heading towards the hard Right.
Contrary to the propaganda that Labour are putting out (they are only targeting UKIP, not the Tories, so we know who they fear the most in the upcoming elections) support for UKIP is increasing and a recent poll has put support for UKIP far, far higher than it was at the same time before the last EU election in which UKIP pushed the Lib Dems into fourth place.

Labour started their propaganda campaign of trying to associate the BNP with UKIP roughly around the time several high profile bloggers and politicians pointed out that the BNP is not "far right" but is actually a left wing authoritarian socialist party, like Labour.

We should take heart from the fact that Labour's propaganda machine is targeted almost exclusively on UKIP (discounting the BNP who are always in their sights) at such an early stage because it shows how worried they are. But we must challenge, wherever possible, the blatant propaganda. UKIP and the BNP are ideologically opposed to each other. UKIP is a right wing libertarian party, the BNP is a left wing authoritarian party. There is no link between UKIP and the BNP and we must challenge every attempt to subliminally link the two together in the minds of the electorate.

We also have to challenge the lie that support for UKIP is collapsing or has collapsed - this is not true as January's YouGov poll showed. UKIP has barely started campaigning yet and we are starting the election campaign on 7% which is higher than in 2004 when we seriously upset the eurofederalist establishment.

Whenever you see either of these lies on blogs, make sure you comment and put them straight. When you see it in a newspaper, write a letter to the editor telling them the truth. And the truth is, UKIP has the eurofederalists so scared that their gravy train might be derailed that they're targeting us with a propaganda campaign months before the election. With a little bit of effort from every member or supporter we can cause a massive upset in the EU elections and prove once and for all that the EU Parliament is an illegitimate super-quango with no mandate from UK voters.


Anonymous said...

it's not just Labour, Iain Dale on behalf of the Tories is laying into UKIP as well. It would get worse as the main parties find that their lies now fall on deaf ears, making them even more desperate. One thing UKIP can also point out is that if we were in the Euro, our economy would be even more desperate as no solutions would be found. And now people can see how local policies they hate are due to the EU.
When things were great economically, these lying toads in the main parties could rely on complacent voters staying at home. Now people really wish to have a say and the Tories would have to explain their dishonest position over the Lisbon Treaty.