Sunday, 10 May 2009

European Empire moving in to Tory HQ

The former headquarters of the eurofederalist Conswervative Party will shortly be the new home of the European Union and European Commission's embassy in London.

32 Smith Square, which will be renamed to Europe House, is just down the road from the Houses of Parliament which will be handy for when the European Empire takes over the country completely.

I'm sure the irony of the offices being the former headquarters of Maggie Thatcher's Conswervatives - probably the last time the Tories even approached a eurosceptic agenda - played a big part in the European Empire spending £20m of our taxes on the offices. It's a symbolic act of defiance against the overwhelming feeling of euroscepticism by our masters on the continent. If the British government listened to the people they were elected to serve, the European Empire wouldn't need an embassy in London because we'd have our independence by now.