Friday, 8 May 2009

Lastest By-Election Result

UKIP finished second last night in Hartlepool with a good gap between us and 3rd place. Turnout was 1,257 (26%) of which almost 500 (40%) were postal votes, coincidentally this was almost exactly the Labour vote! The Labour party threw the kitchen sink at this one and had everyone from Chairman of the Council, the Leader of the Labour Group and just about every sitting Councilor, family, friends and relatives working the ward. They couldn't put this amount of effort into a single ward outside a by election!

BNP tried hard last Saturday to win the seat they had about a dozen canvassers, sixteen leafleters, and enough people to run two stalls and got several banners up in high profile locations. Shame they was crushed , NOT !!

Labour 532 - 42%
UKIP 300 - 24%
Lib-Dem 166 - 13%
BNP 157 - 13%
Cons 102 - 8% .................... Well done Dave and UKIP ! --


The Pub Consultancy Service said...

I have always maintained that the 'lazy' vote favours Labour. In the last two local elections I analysed a number of areas, and those areas which were Labour strongholds had a far higher postal vote than other more finely balanced areas.

This is why I believe that postal votes should only go to those who have a genuine inability to vote on the day, as it used to be.

Well done UKIP, what I think this shows is that the close we get to the EU's the stronger our vote.

ukipwebmaster said...

I love it when that happens!