Saturday, 2 May 2009

Liebour targets Gibraltar

Liebour MEP, Glyn Ford, has been to Gibraltar (no doubt paid for by the taxpayer) to kick off his election campaign there.

Gibraltar was lumped in with the South West England euroregion after Gibraltarians successfully challenged the British government's inaction on organising EU elections in Gibraltar.

Ford is courting Gibraltarian votes by calling for a specific Gibraltar region of the European Empire and for the adoption of the euro. However, while it makes sense for Gibraltar to an electoral euroregion of its own rather than being lumped in with the South West England euroregion, to do so whilst the European Empire is so weak on the subject of Spain's claim to Gibraltar (it has recently allowed Spain to claim Gibraltarian territorial waters) would seriously risk Gibraltar's continued status as a British Overseas Territory - the settled will of the people of Gibraltar.

The best thing Gibraltarians can do to protect themselves from Spanish colonialism is to vote UKIP, leave the EU and take Gibraltar's future out of the hands of the European Empire.

There's still time for UKIP's South West euroregional committee to get UKIP's message to Gibraltar and secure the important votes of Gibraltar.