Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Lord Tebbit urges Tories not to vote Tory!

Lord Tebbit, the former adviser to Maggie Thatcher, has urged all Tories not to vote Tory in the forthcoming EU imperial election.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4, Lord Tebbit said:

What I am advising people is to show the major parties that it is the electors
who are masters and the electors are extremely upset with their employees in the
House of Commons and I said don't vote for the major parties.
While this isn't an explicit endorsement of UKIP such as the one Stuart Wheeler made a few weeks ago, the BBC's Nick Robinson says it will be seen as an effective endorsement of UKIP.

Like Stuart Wheeler, Lord Tebbit has urged people not to vote Tory for the EU Parliament but to vote for a smaller party. He said that they should vote as they normally would for the local and general elections.

It's quite obvious that Lord Tebbit - a eurosceptic - is encouraging people to vote for UKIP just as Stuart Wheeler did but has learnt from Stuart Wheeler's treatment at the hands of the eurofederalist ruling elite in the Tory Party that encouraging people to vote according to their conscience is a serious crime in the Tory Party, punishable by hanging expulsion.

Lord Tebbit will no doubt find himself on the recieving end of the same kind of treatment Stuart Wheeler did for his disloyalty to the Camoron cult. I'm sure Lords Pearson and Willoughby de Broke will welcome Lord Tebbit into the UKIP group in the House of Lords should he be expelled from the Conservative & [European] Unionist Party.

As expected, David Camoron has told Lord Tebbit that he needs to watch what he says or he'll find himself sitting as an independent.


Anonymous said...

why would Tebbit wish to be associated with the useless Tories anyway? I'm taking his advice by the way. Vote UKIP.