Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Meet The Candidate: The Earl of Dartmouth

Lord William of Dartmouth is the number 2 candidate for the UK Independence Party for the South West Region. Please feel free to come along and have an informal chat with the Earl and other UKIP supporters. Including Councillor Bob Feal-Martinez, Chairman and PPC for UKIP Swindon.

This will also be a media event to promote the launch of the UKIPs National Campaign on Friday 8th May. UKIP support the majority view that Britain would be better off out of the EU. Your Vote on June 4th can make a difference, by voting UKIP we can pressurise the other parties. We came 3rd in 2004 ahead of the Liberal Democrats who want Britain to remain in the EU. We intend to beat Labour and take at least second place this time.

We look forward to seeing you Thursday 7th May at Noon.

Carpenters Arms Motel , Old Vicarage Lane , South Marston , Swindon ,SN3 4ST