Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Putting the £2m cost of an MEP in context

Since Nigel Farage told British Liebour MP, Denis MacShane, that he had had about £2m in expenses and allowances, the eurofederalist parties and their pet newspapers and websites have been giving Farage and UKIP in general a bit of a bashing.

Let's put the £2m into context and into perspective ...

The £2m is an estimate of the cost to the taxpayer of an MEP. It includes a salary, personal expenses, travel expenses, office costs and staff costs.

Staff are employed and paid directly by the European Empire. MEPs don't employ their wives, brothers and sisters and then claim back whatever they can get away with after the event.

MEPs have to travel from the UK to Brussels or Strasbourg a few times a month to sit in their sham Parliament.

The £2m figure was an estimated total for the last 5 years.

Let's compare this to Mark Field, the Conswervative MP for Westminster. I choose him purely because he is the MP for the same constituency the British Paliament is in and should, therefore, have the lowest expenses. He is one of the cheapest British MPs, ranking 527th out of 645.

In the last 5 years, Mark Field has had £566,671 in expenses. This is on top of his salary of around £300,000 for the last 5 years. So one of the cheapest British MPs - the MP for the Westminster constituency - cost the taxpayer about £867k over 5 years. The most expensive MP - Claire Curtis-Thomas - claimed £773,966 in expenses over the last 5 years which means, with a salary of about £300k for the same period, she cost the taxpayer almost £1.1m.

A British MP makes a quarter of laws in the UK, the other three quarters are made by the European Empire.

I'd rather that £2m of our taxes went to an MEP that was responsible for scrutinising 75% of our laws and that was actively trying to get us out of the European Empire. UKIP MEPs are the only ones that represent the majority view of the UK electorate. It's a small price to pay if the end result is the UK leaving the European Empire.

If it proves anything, the estimated £2m cost of an MEP for 5 years proves that we just can't afford to be in the European Empire.


Anonymous said...

This story assumes people are only voting due to expenses and not party policy. The 3 rotten parties would stop at nothing to deceive the electorate. Those who intend to vote UKIP will still do so. The more they spin against Farage, the more suspicious people will get and more determined to vote UKIP. If people switch, it won't be back to the 3 rotten Eurofederalist parties.
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Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed. And if people aren't happy with £2m per MEP, they can always vote 'Out' in the upcoming referendum ... oh, they can't because there won't be one.

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

Funny guys, really funny.

He stole £2 million by his own admission and funneled it into his propaganda machine. You can spin all you like but Farage is condemned by his own loose mouth.

The main parties are united in stifling democracy. But Farage has damaged you irreparably by being shown up to be as corrupt as the rest. You haven't got a chance with a crook at the helm.

Jury Team offers referendums on anything that only 5% of the electorate chooses. Do you think it would be hard to get 2 million people to sign a petition for a referendum on Europe? I don't. I think you could get that many in a fortnight.

Jury Team offers the same thing as UKIP, but without the corruption

Anonymous said...

Jury Team doesn't stand for anything. It's not a party, it's a recipe for chaos. People would vote for parties they support due to policy and Jury Team are just spoilers with no policies to offer any

Anonymous said...

I've done a little research of my own on the Jury Team and Private Eye has some info on Paul Judge and his wife Barbara regarding their expenses from Quangos. Thousands of pounds are involved. so which is worse, using money to spread your message or using your expenses on yourself.
So, Alan Wallace Jury Team, remove the moat in thine eyes before seeking the speck in Farage's eyes.
Jury Team are just LibLabCon agents trying to confuse the anti EU vote.
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Anonymous said...

Want to know about the leading lights of Jury Team see:


To UKIP members - don't ever give up trying to educate the British masses about the EU and all of the parasites that want the EU to continue. You'd all be victims of dirty tricks, spin and nasty media comments in the coming months, but don't give up.
People would try to do you down as the establishment don't want us to know what's going on.
I 1st heard of UKIP in 1999 when someone at church talked about the party and what they stood for. I know that as a libertarian party, they don't believe in persecuting Christians or anyone who has a socially conservative viewpoint, as the LibLabCon and their agents always do. Even if UKIPers don't fully agree with your world view, they quite obviously agree with your rights to have it.

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

You don't get it do you? I'm an Independent. I take no orders from Sir Paul Judge or anyone at Jury Team. They haven't paid me a penny at any time. I'm a salesman. I sell curtain poles ffs. I've never been involved in politics in my life. My wife is pissing herself laughing at the idea of me being a secret agent of the Lib/Lab/Con cabal.

Regarding Europe - I want a referendum - in or out, let the people of Britain decide. No loaded questions, no confusing language - in or out. But I want it done with people fully conversant with what's really happening. Not the rosy picture that the lefty Marxist Europhiles paint and not the screeching hyperbole that the tin-foil hat nutters come out with. I'm as pissed off with the gravy train attitude as the next man, but I wouldn't lower myself to becoming a thief then try to justify it later.

Do your research on me - or rather "SWL". I've been ranting about thieving politicians on message boards for years. I can't bloody stand them which is why I'm doing what I'm doing now. It's easy to spout off on a blog or MB. I'm getting up off my arse and standing for what I believe in - real democracy where ordinary people have a say.

wonkotsane said...

I got the figures wrong in the original post - the £2m cost for an MEP is over ten years, not five. That's cheaper than a lot of Wesminster MPs and an MEP has a "constituency" of several million people and 75% of our laws are made by the EU.