Thursday, 21 May 2009

Stuart Wheeler in the Spectator

The Spectator magazine has a three page article from Stuart Wheeler on why he's voting UKIP. Here are a few extracts:

Why do we do this? Because the Conservative party is failing the nation. I was at the Tory conference when David Cameron made the ghastly statement that the Conservatives were not going to continue ‘banging on about Europe’.

Do we want a European army? Do we want a semi-permanent president and foreign minister of the EU? Do we want the EU in charge of our criminal courts? Do we want to continue the Common Fisheries Policy which has destroyed our once-great fishing industry? Do we want to continue the inordinately expensive Common Agricultural Policy?

And the borrowing will not go on for ever, but, unless there is a radical change, the cost of being in the EU will go up and up for ever. Putting the cost another way, it amounts to £2,000 per man, woman, child and baby. So an average family of four with one breadwinner would be £8,000 better off out of the EU. And that average family has an after-tax income of only £17,000.

Yet as the unimpeachable Marta Andreasen, the EU’s chief accountant, sacked for exposing incompetence and fraud in the EU, has pointed out, our own scandal here is nothing compared to the EU gravy train. She is now the treasurer of Ukip, and one of many reasons for voting for them.

Their reaction, which has unfortunately been rather successful so far, is for William Hague to use carefully chosen weasel words to give the impression that the Tories are getting tough about the EU. The exact reverse is the truth.

Good stuff from Stuart Wheeler, apart from the end bit where he urges the Conswervatives to win the election at a trot.