Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sutton Coldfield Action Day Reports Great Success

Yesterday saw another successful UKIP campaign day this time in Sutton Coldfield. 24 activists including Mike Nattrass MEP , Number 2 candidate Nikki Sinclaire and NEC member Jill Seymour blitzed the area with information packs. These days are proving more and more successful and the requests for information and membership are increasing. No doubt due to the publics growing realisation about the corrupt and doomed EU.

Over 10,000 packs were distributed during the day and our volunteers were received well by the general public. Many of whom took time to ask questions and offer their support, many offering to display billboards during the election. After a morning of leafleting and sigining new members up on the spot the teams split into two groups. The one toured the town on the regions new UKIP bus fitted with a high quality speaker system on its first public outing while the others continued leafleting. The day was a great success and the team have vowed to return to the town before the election.

All in all a good day , the sun was shining and our leaflets flew out. Labour are in a state of meltdown, the Liberal Democrats have vanished altogether and the Tories don't want to talk about anything - especially our enslavement to the EU in case it costs them votes. No problems like that in UKIP, our campaign is well and truly underway.

Watch out for the bus if your in the West Midlands !