Wednesday, 13 May 2009

UKIP Lancashire and Cumbria Elections Launch

Local councils should have a greater degree of independence, said UKIP Euro MP John Whittaker at the launch of the party's Lancashire and Cumbria local election campaign.

"At the moment all local councils do is obey laws from Whitehall. They control 80% of councils budgets and 'he who pays the piper calls the tune'. They are, by and large, simply obeying Whitehall and not taking notice of the ratepayers.

"We believe in real democracy and think councils should answer to those who pay council tax. "Everything people think is controlled by the local authority isn't - they are just obeying orders from Whitehall," said Dr Whittaker.

Referring to the EU climate change agenda he pointed out that UKIP is all in favour of re-cycing but said it should be under the control of local councils and not Brussels dictating to Whitehall who then instruct the local authorities.

Fortnightly bin collections have led to waste management chaos which everyone hates. "And most of our rubbish ends up lumped together and put on a boat to China," said Dr Whittaker.

Dr Whittaker, who is not standing for re-lection as a Euro MP, was accompanied on stage by Paul Nuttall, party chairman, who is the lead candidate to replace Dr Whittaker.

The launch of the campaign took place at The Swan with Two Necks public house in Chorley, part-owned by Nick Hogan, who is standing for Chorley North in the county council elections and Wheelton and Withnell for Chorley Town Council elections.


Axe Valley said...

The BBC had a piece on Today about the North West and in particular the BNP. At the end of the piece they said which other parties were standing but did not mention UKIP! Funny that but I suppose we can't complain too much as it might just have been a genuine error and we are getting plenty of airtime.

Nigel is on Newsnight tonight and of course we have Marta and Nigel coming up in separate Question Time programmes.