Tuesday, 12 May 2009

UKIP Leadership to Unveil New Billboard Campaign

A Norfolk day of action is being held by the UK Independence Party on Monday 18th May, when Party Leader Nigel Farage MEP and Deputy Leader, David Campbell Bannerman, who is also the Party’s lead prospective candidate in the Eastern Counties for the 2009 European Election, will be visiting Diss and Norwich to unveil the Party’s new billboard design that will be going up on billboards all over the Eastern Counties and country.

Mr Farage and Mr Campbell Bannerman will talk to shoppers in both locations, to spread their Party’s powerful SAY NO to the EU and to mass immigration message. They will both be speaking at a public meeting at 7.30pm at the DC3 Centre, Vinces Road, Diss. Sharing the platform with them will be BBC Question Time, Schools Edition winner, Michael Heaver.

Mr Campbell Bannerman said: “We’re coming to Norfolk, not just to get our message across but to listen to what people have to say. UKIP was the only British political party to vote against enlargement of the EU, which we foresaw would lead to the mass immigration problem we seeing now. Our country simply cannot cope with the huge numbers coming here, thanks to our membership of the EU.

“Sadly, modern politics is dominated by political parties and organisations, like the EU, that really aren’t interested in what the voters think and who regard democracy as a bit of a nuisance. Their major preoccupation these days seems to be with lining their own pockets. UKIP wants to change all that and make politics and public service respectable again.“

The public meeting is open to the public and there will be free tea and coffee available from 6.45pm.