Thursday, 14 May 2009

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth.

The mainstream media either have a vendetta against UKIP or a problem accepting the truth about the party.

The papers are constantly peddling the myth that UKIP support has "collapsed" when the polls are showing them that it's not true at all, UKIP's support at the moment is double what it was at the same time last election when we beat the Lib Dems to become the UK's their largest party in the EU Parliament.

The same papers are reporting on predictions that Liebour - the party currently in power in Westminster and the second largest party in the EU Parliament - will come fourth in June yet they still repeat the lies that UKIP has no support.

Then there's the Press Association's press release today:
Some observers even predict the party may finish behind the Liberal Democrats or even the UK Independence Party in the Euro-election.
Or even the UK Independence Party? We beat the Lib Dums last time and we'll beat them again this time. When they have the traditional tri-partate pre-election debates it won't be the Lib Dums sitting with the Tories and Liebour, it will be UKIP.

The Tories' biggest multi-millionaire donor is telling people to vote UKIP. A former Tory Party chairman is telling people to vote UKIP (in a round-about way). People are telling TV news reporters that they're going to vote UKIP. Everyone, it seems, is voting UKIP but the mainstream media just won't accept it!


ukipwebmaster said...

These 'observers' must be paid party hacks:

Bob Feal-martinez said...

It seems the media coverage is working. Bookies rarely get things wrong, unlike pollsters.

Anonymous said...

The MSM are in the pocket of the LibLabCon. They're all scared of losing their malign influence. They've tried trapping Farage in interviews, but he's too clever for them. They've tried linking UKIP with BNP, no one's buying it as many African, Caribbean and Asian people openly support the party, they've tried saying no one wants to vote UKIP, but they forget we're no longer interested in following the herd.
Between now and 4th June they'll try so many dirty tricks. But we're now wise to them.
Roll on 7th June when the penny finally drops!