Tuesday, 2 June 2009

David Camoron evades referendum question again

David Camoron has once again refused to answer the very simple question: if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified before the next election, will you hold a retrospective referendum?

He told BBC Radio 4:

I don't want to go into every last detail of what happens if a series of things
happen - if there isn't an early election, if the Irish vote yes in a second
referendum, if the Poles decide to ratify this treaty, if the Czechs decide to

Why don't you want to go into this very basic detail Dave? Is it because you won't hold a retrospective referendum - indeed, won't be allowed to hold a retrospective referendum by our masters in the European Empire - if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified before the next election?

I know that, of course, my opponents would love me to focus on what happens if
all these things happen, but I am not going to do that.

Of course they do Dave, it's because you're a fundamentally dishonest person and you're trying to use evasive language to make a vague promise that you will hold a referendum on the EU not-a-constitution if some unspecified criteria are met. Stop fannying round and give us a straight answer Dave. Poland and the Czech Republic are waiting for the result of the second Irish referendum. If the Irish vote yes then the Poles and Czechs will ratify it and it'll be too late. A second Irish referendum result is too close to call and you know it so stop beating around the bush and just tell us yes or no, will you hold a retrospective referendum?

On Thursday, people can go into those voting booths, vote Conservative and pile
the pressure on Gordon Brown to hold a referendum. I don't want to let him off
the hook

Or they can go to the voting booths and vote UKIP who are clear and unequivocal on the EU not-a-constitution and the whole subject of the European Empire - we will not have an EU constitution, no matter what name you decide to give it, and we will leave the EU in accordance with the wishes of the majority of the electorate.

The only thing the Tories, under David Camoron, are committed to is ever-closer union. Let's face facts - there will be no referendum on the EU not-a-constitution, whether it is ratified before or after the next election unless the eurofederalist LibLabCon get a loud and clear message that we don't want the EU constitution and we want out of the EU. The only way to send that message is to vote for UKIP.


Steve Halden said...

What we are dealing with here is the treacherous snouts-in-the-trough Lib/Lab/Con.

A BBC poll said today (2.4.2009) that the public nolonger believe anything that our MPs tell us.

This currnet batch of MPs have lost all crediblity.

Only a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty would restore our faith in this our parliament.

But will we get one ?

I dont think so !