Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Open Europe ranks UKIP MEPs highly despite MEP protest votes

Open Europe, the pro-EU think tank, has published a league table of MEPs based on their voting record for openness and transparency in the EU Parliament. Despite refusing to vote on some policy areas and refusing to vote for measures that will give a superficial veneer of accountability in return for even more power, UKIP MEPs still performed very well.

The list is interesting in that it gives an insight into the performance of the eurofederalist parties but from UKIPs point of view it is flawed. Had UKIP MEPs voted for reforms to the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) rather than calling for its abolition and abstaining, voted on the EU's fraudulent 2007 accounts rather than abstaining in protest and voted on European Police College's fraudulent 2007 accounts intead of abstaining in protest, they would have dominated the top of the list.

Open Europe's research doesn't reflect the fact that UKIP is the only party that will truly protect UK citizens from EU fraud and corruption by pulling us out of the EU completely, rather than tinkering round the edges.

The European Empire is corrupt, anti-democratic and unreformable. The eurofederalist LibLabCon, Greens and Libertas all say they will reform the EU and the Tories and Libertas even claim that they will repatriate powers from the EU even though any repatriation of powers requires a unanimous vote of all EU member states.


Anonymous said...

What a shame this election has been dominated by westminster issues. It'd have been nice to talk about the EU so the public know what's been done in their name.
From Monday 8th June, UKIP should launch its general election campaign and point out to the British people how the EU really affects their lives.

Steve Halden said...

Open Europe is a eurosceptic think tank that produces a lot of excellent information about the EU.

But on this occasion they appeared to judge MEPs on how hard they worked in the EU parliament, which was a mistake.

UKIP MEPs should be judged on how hard they campaign against the European Union.

They are there to warn the public about the growing manace that the EU represents to British democracy.

Open Europe produce a lot of good information but on this occasion, I think they got the wrong end of the stick.

UKIP MEPs are elected to be campaigners against the EU, and to tell the British public that our sovereighty is being usurped by this evil empire.

The EU is trying to destroy our parliament at Westminster, and replace it with a federal government based in Brussels.

It is to fight this danger to our democracy, that is the main purpose of electing UKIP MEPs.