Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hague confirms Tories believe in Federal Europe

The pre-pubescent Foreign Minister, David Millibeast, has echoed UKIP's position on David Camoron's latest doomed EU policy of negotiating a repatriation of powers from the European Empire:
[David Cameron is] still not being honest with people

The fact is you can't simply opt out of treaty obligations because to do so you need the agreement of the 26 other member states

David Cameron's position on Europe is false and dangerous.
Meanwhile, William Hague has confirmed that the Tories believe in a Federal Europe, the continued power-grab by the EU and the permanent loss of sovereignty to the European Empire.
We won't be deciding on this policy [Europe] based on the activities of what is a fringe party. We'll decide on what is best for the country and what we really believe in. The real choice is between the failed government of Gordon Brown and a new government under David Cameron.
Interesting choice of words there by William Hague. UKIP is the fourth largest domestic party in the UK, the second largest EU party in the UK and represents the views of the majority of the electorate who are eurosceptics. It is the LibLabCon that are on the fringe of politics, imposing their anti-democratic eurofederalism on an unwilling electorate.

Michael Portillo told the BBC this morning that if he was David Camoron, he would be "relieved" that Lisbon has now been ratified and that he wouldn't have to worry about the European question any more. He went on to say that doesn't want referendum on any future EU treaty, making a mockery of the latest pronouncement from the Tories that they will forget about Lisbon and object to any future EU treaty instead. A spokewoman from Open Europe said there won't be any more treaties: "they won't make that mistake again".


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