Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Eurobarometer confirms UK most eurosceptic country in EU

The UK is once again confirmed as the most eurosceptic country in the People's Republic of the EU in their Eurobarometer survey.

Only 36% of people polled in the UK thought there was any benefit from membership of the European Empire whilst 49% believe there is no advantage.  There are no figures for the number that think it disadvantages us because they don't ask.

Asked whether membership was a good thing, 30% said yes, 30% said no, 34% were indifferent and 6% didn't know.

The European Empire spends millions of pounds of our money on propaganda, claiming that people need to be "informed" and "educated" about the EU so they can form their own opinion of how great it is.  This Eurobarometer survey shows us that only 6% don't feel they know enough about the EU to be able to judge whether it's good or bad for the country.  That's comparable with just about any subject you'd care to survey on and particularly good when you consider that the British government refuses to commission a cost/benefit report on EU membership, thus depriving the population of objective information.

It really is time we ended the farce of EU membership.  We don't like them, they don't like us.  Most of us see no benefit in EU membership and most of us think it is either bad or largely irrelevent.  It costs us billions of pounds to be in and makes three quarters of our laws.  It doesn't prevent war or provide protection as the recent Russian invasion of Georgia, the genocide in the Balkans, the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and various civil wars still ongoing have shown.


Anonymous said...

It is surley axiomatic that most Brits do not have a sufficent knowledge about the EU to make a decision! With the exception of the minority. We need a more educated population to hold our leaders to account (http://stevehynd.wordpress.com/2009/12/15/the-uk-and-the-eu/). Until we have this...our politicians are free to do what they want in Brussels!

Yasin Akgun said...

the Turkish invasion of Cyprus was in 1974

you can't compare the EU of 1974 (which didn't even exist as the EU) to the EU empire of today