Saturday, 17 April 2010

UKIP Telford & Wrekin: Telford & Wrekin are voting UKIP!

Telford & Wrekin are voting UKIP!

The Shropshire Star has a very interesting story on six floating voters that took Unlock Democracy VoteMatch survey.

It has already been noted that the VoteMatch website puts too much weight on immigration for the BNP and so it doesn't surprise me that half of the voters were matched with the BNP.

What was interesting was the voting intentions of half of the floating voters ...
Mrs Sharp said: “I would never vote BNP because I think they’re a bunch of thugs. I wouldn’t even consider them. I am concerned about immigration and our relationship with Europe and I’m quite interested in UKIP, so, yes, I think that’s quite helpful.”
Mr Sharp said: “I would never ever vote BNP, ever, because I don’t think they are a party. I am more right wing than left, so I’m pleased that UKIP is up there. But I am also debating the Lib Dems, I think they have a lot to offer.”
Hair salon boss Debbie Thompson, 27, of Rizzo, in Wellington, was matched to UKIP, with Conservatives and Lib Dems next. She said: “I’m not surprised because that’s how I was thinking. I would consider UKIP, even though they won’t form a Government. The survey is pretty accurate.”
If only half the voters in Telford and Wrekin vote UKIP then we'll be happy. If only two out of six people vote UKIP will be happy. Pretty ecstatic actually because that is more than enough to see off the two incumbent MPs that have failed our town and our country for the last few years and give us two UKIP MPs that will fight for our withdrawal from the EU, for the economy, for jobs and prosperity, to fight the downgrading of our hospital and get our third world roads fixed.