Saturday, 6 November 2010

Better The Sinner That Repents

Back in late 2009 I left the party that I loved and dedicated so much of my time for. It was no easy decision, it being one that I agonised over for a long time.

I decided to join the Conservative Party to support their campaign to oust Gordon Brown from power and to place, what I believed, was a Eurosceptic person, in number 10.

It was not a decision I made without any thought. I had read up on David Cameron, impressed by his campaign material before he came to a position of power in the Conservative Party. What many people did not know, was that his election material when seeking to get elected as an MP consisted of such definitive Eurosceptic literature.

This, coupled with the consistent rhetoric of an iron cast guaranteed referendum and the refusal to bow down to Brussels convinced me that this man had to be put in to power. Anything surely was better than Gordon Brown, right?

Several months down the line, when he was elected as our Prime Minister I realised that I was not only wrong for supporting him, but incredibly naive.

I always maintained that my support for the Conservative Party was conditional on their approach towards the EU. I told myself that the day David Cameron goes to Brussels and plays lapdog to Eurocrats would be the day I leave the party. In September of this year I allowed my membership to the party to lapse, refusing on numerous occassions to renew it.

A couple of months down the line, it is clear, crystal clear, that David Cameron and the Conservative Party are taking their own members and supporters for a ride. Everything is rhetoric. I knew, once the old 'hands behind my back' line started (regarding prisoner voting rights), that he had no intention of fighting for the British people.

I was therefore left in a predicament. Do I allow pride to get in the way of doing the right thing and coming back home to UKIP?

The answer to that is simple. Of course I don't allow pride get in the way.

Some people may see this as an opportunity to spend their time bashing away on their keyboards to express their outrage, but I've always believed the measure of a man is his ability to accept a sinner that repents.

The past is history, the present is our concern and the future is what will be ours.