Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cameron refuses EU referendum again

Cast Iron Dave has refused to hold a referendum on leaving the EU once again because he doesn't agree with the majority of the electorate that we should leave.

He says there is "no case" for a referendum on leaving the EU because we had a referendum on 1975.  I wasn't born in 1975 so I didn't get a vote.  My parents weren't old enough to vote in 1975 so they didn't get a say either.  All my grandparents have died apart from my nan so she is the only person in my immediate family still alive to have had a vote on the EU (and it wasn't even on the EU, it was on membership of a common market).  In fact, I can't even think of a single person in my extended family (and it's a big family) that had a vote in the 1975 referendum who is still working and paying for membership of this bottomless pit of fraud and corruption.  That argument just doesn't wash Cameron.

It gets better though.  He also says ...
I want us to be influential in Europe about the things that matter to our national interest - promoting the single market, pushing forward for growth, making sure we get lower energy prices. Those are things we will be fighting for but I don't see the case for an in out referendum on Europe.
Interesting.  Very interesting.  Membership of the single market doesn't require membership of the EU, only EFTA which is the modern-day version of the trading bloc we joined 38 years ago and not the political union we have been taken into by treasonous politicians.  Our economy will continue to struggle while the €uro struggles because of our association with the EU.  And as for energy prices - the reason gas and electricity is so expensive is because of EU "green" taxes and the amount of money energy suppliers have to spend complying with EU "green" directives.

There's the traditional broken Cast Iron Guarantee™ ...
[There is] no immediate prospect of major treaty renegotiation
Um, someone needs to pass the message on to Tory MPs because they're all peddling the same rubbish about repatriating powers from the EU which of course requires a renegotiation of treaties.

And then there's this frankly astounding comment from the "very practical eurosceptic" ...
The Chancellor and I have both said that the logic of monetary union is a greater fiscal union and we see the eurozone countries moving in that direction. I don’t think we should stand in the way of them making some progress.
There is no way - not even the remotest possibility - that in pursuing fiscal union, non-eurozone member states won't be subjected to a power grab.  It's just utterly inconceivable that the new treaties or amendments to existing treaties won't involve stealing sovereignty off all member states.  More EU financial regulation for all member states would be rolled up into the new treaty and/or treaty amendments required to establish a fiscal union.

There are apparently around 80 new self-styled "eurosceptic" Tory MPs banding together to pressurise the pro-EU ConDem coalition to ...
promote debate about creating a new relationship with the EU and reversing the process of EU integration
Presumably this is the same group of new "mainstream eurosceptic" Tory MPs that defined their "mainstream euroscepticism" as staying in the EU and reforming it from within - the same lies put about by all the "eurosceptic" Tories.  There is no such thing as a eurosceptic MP because they all represent parties that support continued membership of the EU.

If you oppose the EU and support the Tories then no matter what you say, you are part of the problem, not the solution.  Every member of the Tories is another person giving David Cameron a mandate to pursue ever closer union, to break promises and to ignore the wishes of the electorate.