Friday, 16 September 2011

Rushmoor Tories defect to UKIP

Two Conservative councillors on Rushmoor Borough Council in Hampshire have defected to UKIP after attending the UKIP Conference at the weekend.

Cllr Staplehurst
Councillors Mark Staplehurst and Steve Smith have both cited "petty politics" and the Conservatives' abandonment of the armed forces as reasons for defecting.

Cllr Smith
The defection won't have any material affect on the Conservatives' control of Rushmoor Borough Council as it still leaves them with 28 of the 40 seats on the council but every defection not only helps UKIP but sends a message back to Cast Iron Dave™ that he can't get away with riding roughshod over the wishes of the electorate and his own party members.

Councillors Staplehurst and Smith are very welcome in UKIP and I'm sure they will continue to represent the people of Rushmoor in a professional and productive way.