Wednesday, 14 September 2011

That Tory "eurosceptic" myth again

UKIP in their heart, Tory
in their pockets
Tory MP, Heather Wheeler, has signed up to the cross-party Better Off Out campaign.  She is the tenth Tory MP to sign up and publicly oppose our membership of the EU.

Some Tories are optimistically calling them "eurosceptic" MPs but of course no LibLabCon MP can genuinely earn the title "eurosceptic" until they defect to UKIP, the only mainstream eurosceptic political party in the country.

The "eurosceptic" Conservative Party has 307 MPs and only 10 of them have signed the Better Off Out pledge.  Only 2 Conservative MEPs are Better Off Out signatories, one of which is the turncoat David Campbell-Bannerman who abandoned UKIP when he lost the leadership election to Nigel Farage to join the pro-EU Tories.  The "mainstream eurosceptic" group of Tory MPs (whose opposition to the EU involves ... erm, staying in the EU) has apparently grown to over 100 but there is still no sign of action from Cameron, even  with up to a third of his MPs publicly disagreeing with his pro-EU policy.  Talk about being out of touch with reality.

But no matter what pledges these MPs take and how many meetings they attend, if they remain in the pro-EU Conservative Party, they are part of the problem.