Thursday, 15 September 2011

UKIP Lawyers Association

During my speech at the Eastbourne conference defending the importance of special interest/affiliate groups I proposed a UKIP Lawyers Association.

The EU and ECHR are guilty of  abusing the legal systems of member states. In the UK, they have penetrated the English Legal System by overiding the previouslly unsurpassable doctrine of Parliamentary Sovereignty. However, this accomplishment was also made with the help of europhile legal academics, judges and lawyers who used bizarre and illogical legal arguments to hand sovereignty to Brussells and Luxembourg.

As I said at conference, that the legal professions are biased towards the EU became evident to me in a law class at University where a teacher said to us: "some  little Englanders dont want to be part of the EU...but if you want to be rich lawyers with fancy offices all over Europe, you must support the EU. "

A UKIP Lawyers Assosiation could work to fight the Europhile forces in the UK legal system by bringing together lawyers who oppose the EU and ECHR.

The Conservative Lawyers Association is very active, and I feel that as UKIP grows as a party, UKIP must compete.

I am going to try to contact lawyers who are members of UKIP before the next conference to see if they will support me in putting plans together for a "UKIP Lawyers Association".

If interested in this please email me, Julian, at