Tuesday, 13 September 2011

You know UKIP's doing well when..

Criticisms of UKIP are getting more and more lame. Like, seriously lame. Take for example this latest criticism by the Daily Mail hickory dickery hack Andrew Pierce:

The eurosceptic leaders of UKIP, which held its party conference in Eastbourne at the weekend, have come up with a vote-wooing wheeze. The party’s online shop, under the heading ‘special offer’, has a ‘Happy 18th birthday from UKIP card’ for the princely sum of 10p. A word of caution. The party warns prospective buyers of the following: ‘Please note — envelopes not supplied.’
Wow. If this is all political journo hacks can come up with, then I'd say it's safe to say UKIP's doing pretty well, wouldn't you say?