Monday, 24 October 2011

Protest outside Parliament today

Today is the day when we see how many Tory MPs are prepared to defy David CamEUron's ban on voting for an EU referendum.

We won't get a referendum because all three of the pro-EU LibLabCon party leaders are committed to keeping the UK in the EU and ever closer union.

Labour and Lib Dem MPs can be relied upon to vote down any proposal to give voters a say of course but even MPs are daft enough to be taken in by the propaganda the Tories put out at election time and the Conservative Party has some eurosceptic MPs.  Cameron has therefore threatened any Tory MP voting for a referendum with the sack if they hold any paid employment with the party or one of its MPs.

While Libya is celebrating the demise of its dictator, Comrade Cameron has turned into one at home.  It's time we took a leaf out of the Arab world's book and overthrew our own dictator.

Join UKIP's protest and mass lobby of MPs at 12 noon today outside Parliament.  Who knows?  You may be lucky enough to see the traitors swinging from the lamposts in Parliament Square!