Friday, 9 December 2011

Cameron capitulates to EU over Tobin Tax in UK

The Merkozy Borg got their anti-capitalist Tobin Tax yesterday but failed in their attempt to destroy the English financial sector as it will only be implemented in the €urozone.

Experts still estimate up to half a million job losses in the City though as the Tobin Tax will be inflicted on €urozone banks' operations in the UK.

Camoron is doing the rounds at the moment telling interviewers that he's rejected a deal that isn't in our interests and vetoed a treaty that wasn't in our national interest.  He's done nothing of the sort, of course, because he's allowed a Tobin Tax to be imposed on banks in the UK and there was no plan to make treaty changes because Herman van Rumpy-Pumpy and the Merkozy Borg were determined to avoid a referendum in the UK.  All the changes are being made to a protocol attached to the Lisbon Treaty which Camoron has agreed to.

Wee Willy Vague actually had the nerve this morning to say that the Tories vetoed treaty change, doing what they said they would do as they always do.  Like the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty that they promised and then refused.  Or the referendums that they've promised for EU treaty changes or transfers of power to the EU - even backing it up with a law -  and then refused on more than one occasion.

How easily the so-called eurosceptic Tories are pleased.  Yesterday they were demanding a referendum and repatriation of powers from the EU, today they're congratulating their great leader on a victory for the UK.  There has been no repatriation of powers and there will be no referendum.  Repatriation of powers is impossible without a change to the Lisbon Treaty which the EU and Camoron have conspired to avoid to prevent a referendum in the UK.

The mythical repatriation of powers will forever remain a myth because there is no provision for taking powers off the EU under the Lisbon Treaty and because changing the Lisbon Treaty will require a referendum, the europhile Tories will never attempt to change it.

The changes that are being made to the €urozone are being facilitated by a change to a protocol attached to a treaty.  Changes to protocols attached to treaties require ratification by all member states.  Camoron could have vetoed it but he didn't.  He has agreed to the Tobin Tax that will damage not only our economy but the whole €urozone economy and the subversion of national democracy in the €urozone.