Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Conspiracy to deny a referendum

The subject of a referendum on EU treaty change is dividing the Conservative & ٨European Unionist Party, with high profile Tories including government ministers on one side saying we must have a referendum and demand the "repatriation" of powers from the EU and; David Camoron, Ken Clarke and Chris Grayling on the other saying we can't have a referendum and they won't be trying to "repatriate" any powers.

The Tories held up their EU Bill as proof of their eurosceptic credentials - a law to give the proles a referendum when the EU tries to take more power off us.  Back in February I said that the chances of getting a referendum out of the EU Bill was "somewhere between zero and um ... zero".  I'd say the chances right now are even lower!

Yesterday Ken Clarke confirmed what Chris Grayling said last Thursday: that saving the €uro is more important than national interest and that there will be no attempt to "repatriate" powers from the EU.

Wee Willy Vague made the unexpectedly frank admission in January that we need a law to protect our democracy from the EU and if the Express' sources are correct, he was absolutely right.  It appears that France and Germany are conspiring to ensure that if Cast Iron Dave manages to grow a backbone and demands something in return for signing their treaty, they will ensure it is blocked.

They needn't worry though, he's not going to make any demands and he's already ruled out a referendum before he knows what decisions are going to be made.  The Merkozy Borg have said they will keep any treaty changes to a minimum so a referendum in the UK can be avoided and Herman van Rumpy-Pumpy has drafted his own proposals for changes to a protocol attached to the Lisbon Treaty instead of a treaty change which means that yes, you've guessed it, a referendum can be avoided.

There is a conspiracy to deny us a referendum from the traitors that rule us to the corrupt EU officials that pull the strings inside the ConDem coalition.  There's only one way to get a referendum on the EU and that's by voting UKIP at every opportunity.