Thursday, 1 December 2011

Grayling: Saving the €uro is more important than saving us from the EU

Earlier this month Camoron went to Germany and agreed to wave through Angela Merkel's Fourth Reich enabling treaty without the required referendum in exchange for her thinking about letting us continue to opt out of bits of the Working Time Directive.

Dear Dave, this is not the
time to fold
She's obviously had a think and decided the answer is no because the plan to exact "reform" of the WTD in exchange for creating a new Greater German Empire has been dropped.

Chris Grayling MP said that doomed attempts to save the €uro are more important than matters of national interest and sovereignty so they would let the EU get on with whatever it wants to do and hope that non-€urozone members don't lose out in the process.

So basically, the British government has the strongest hand it could possibly have and instead of capitalising on that and wringing a string of concessions out of the EU in exchange for illegally depriving us of a referendum on the Fourth Reich enabling treaty, they've folded!