Tuesday, 6 December 2011


A new think tank has suggested that say that the traditional family is out of date, and that other forms of partnership that are adopted by the majority.Well the think tank seems to have thought its way into what the political class has been trying to do for years.Agree to belittle the sanctity of marriage.and use the big get out clause which is of course the "date"out of date, not modern, keep up with the times.In my think tank which I carry on top of my shoulders, thinks backwards and forwards, thinking backwards I think that there is a plan afoot to destroy the family because it is the strength of the nation,the leaders of all parties have engaged themselves in making sure this strength is weakened.The out of date British family was strong and new right from wrong and determined to keep possession of their own land.And being married was not considered sinful.which is not in line with our sinful political class either.What the think tank should have said was,we think we have gone too far down the road to hell and that we need to re educate the people that have got it wrong,just for the sake of weakening the family and the people in general.Just so they can be to weak to resist the evil forces that gather about our land and in our parliament. No that was not a think tank that was a do as you are told tank.