Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Bradford West by-election

Sonja McNally has declared herself as a candidate in the impending Bradford West by-election for UKIP.

McNally is likely to have the left wing extremist, George Galloway, standing against her after he turned up to kiss babies and tell people he was a "freedom fighter".  He is reported to have said that he is "almost certain" to stand in the election.

Galloway's political career started in Dundee, then moved to Glasgow and then when he was booted out of the Labour Party he set up his own party (Respect) and moved down to London where his extremist views are more acceptable.  Having failed to get himself elected in London or to the Scottish Parliament, he has now decided to try his luck in Bradford!

"Gorgeous" George is presumably hoping that his support of the brutal and repressive regimes in Iraq and Libya will stand him in good stead with the large immigrant population in Bradford but I think he will be sorely disappointed.  He's also presumably banking on the traditional Labour voters in Bradford being as far left as he is but you'd struggle to find many people that lament the loss of the Soviet Union or call for mass nationalisation of industry, even in the Labour Party.

UKIP's candidate, Sarah McNally, was a Green Party member last year before seeing the light and joining UKIP.  She is a local, has stood in local elections in Bradford and is involved with local schools, voluntary groups and charities.

Which would you choose?  A Bradford local or Dundee/Glasgow/London/Baghdad George?