Thursday, 12 April 2012


My local town of Marple seems to have an on going problem as regards small businesses trying to make a start. They hear that this is a town of many well to do folks and think it is a good place to start a business.Well not really.Rent and Council tax can bleed your profits to such an extent it can send you packing, and it does.But,while you were there you fed the council with extra riches.however that does not help your business dreams does it? I am the UKIP candidate for "Marple north" I want this problem sorted out,Governments and councils are seemingly obsessed with rip off charges.I can bring these down,and bring them down I will as regards Council taxes at least.We want you to prosper, like we need small Government we also need smaller cheaper councils, without this small new businesses will fall by the wayside as usual. so vote UKIP at your local Elections and help us to help you keep your profits.