Sunday, 7 October 2012

UKIP 3rd and 4th in Opinium and YouGov polls

Polling company, Opinium, had UKIP on 11% last night against 9% for the Lib Dems.  Labour lead the Tories 41% to 30%.

Meanwhile, YouGov has UKIP on 8% and the Lib Dems on 10% with Labour leading the Tories 43% to 32%.

The big difference in their methodology is that Opinium offer UKIP as an option in its own right along with the LibLabCon parties whereas YouGov still include UKIP in the "Other" category, even when they are beating the Lib Dems.  When it comes to polling results, the likes of Opinium, Survation and Angus Reid who all list UKIP alongside the LibLabCon give us an insight into what UKIP's performance would be if the party was given media coverage appropriate to its election and polling performance whereas YouGov's results show us what UKIP's performance is likely to be if the party is still treated as an "Other".