Saturday, 22 December 2012

Monarch opens Cabinet - Cupboard Bare!

The following is taken from the latest newsletter of our London MEP, Gerard Batten (Below)

On 18th December the Queen attended her first Cabinet meeting in 60 years.
We can only speculate on why? Hopefully to ask, “What the bloody hell do you lot think you are playing at!”
It might have been more entertaining if Prince Philip had attended as well. I once met him at a reception; he shook my hand, immediately spotted my UKIP lapel badge, smiled and said “Ah, UKIP! seemingly to his satisfaction.
Perhaps the Queen asked if it is true when UKIP says, that “the EU now makes over 80% of our new laws, costs us billions every year we can’t afford, destroys jobs and prosperity, and has the right to judicially kidnap any British citizen on the strength of a piece of paper?”
If she did she would not have received an honest answer from that bunch of weasels.
If Her Majesty had come to the European Parliament in Strasbourg the week before she would have seen where real power now lies. She could have witnessed the self-congratulatory ceremony celebrating the EU’s award of the Nobel Peace Prize.
She would have been shouted at in German by Parliament President Schultz as he told us that ‘the reason we have peace in Europe is because of the EU’. She might perhaps have wondered where NATO, the Rhine Army, the US Armed Forces,and others, figured in all this.
Her Majesty would then have had the pleasure of listening to the Maoist President of the EU Commission Manuel Barroso, tell us how the EU intends to control the banks and the finance industry, and will require national governments to submit their budget spending plans to the EU for the ‘co-ordination of national economic policies’, with ‘increasing supervision of national budgets and economic policies’.
Her Majesty might have recalled how her ancestor Henry III was forced to permit the first Parliament in 1265 precisely because the tax payers of the day refused to submit to the arbitrary power of the Monarch. She might possibly have wondered how the EUs’ plans might affect the fundamental constitutional principles of her own Kingdom.
She would then have witnessed the spectacle of seeing MEPs from the Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dem parties stand firmly to attention for the playing of the EU’s Anthem, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, while the UKIP MEPs stayed equally firmly in their seats.
Citizen Elizabeth Windsor (she was made a citizen of the EU in 1993 under the Treaty on European Union) could then have settled back and enjoyed four days of debates and chaotic voting on a wide,weird and wonderful range of subjects.
She could have witnessed the traitors, quislings, appeasers, and time-serving MEPs of the Lib-Lab-Con call for yet more EU legislation and vote in favour of it – and witnessed the UKIP MEPs speak out in protest and vote against it.
This experience would have been more educational and informative for her Majesty than half an hour spent with the sad little bunch of men and women in her Cabinet who still try to pretend they have some control of events in their own country.

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