Monday, 31 December 2012

Nigel Farage voted MSN UK Politician of the Year

Nigel Farage has been confirmed once again as Politician of the Year 2012, this time by readers of MSN UK.

Farage has already been voted Politician of the Year by Politics UK and named Man of the Year by the Sunday Times.

The final results were:

Nigel Farage7,17921%
David Cameron4,66613%
Ed Miliband3,42910%
Alex Salmond1,8755%
Nick Clegg4681%
Carwyn Jones2881%
Peter Robinson1871%
None of the above16,64548%
Responses: 34,737

When asked for a comment, in true Farage style he said ...
I am delighted by this vote of confidence by the MSN readership. However, the clear message from this poll is that the entire political class is held in contempt.  I am just lucky to be held in less contempt than the rest of them.