Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tory opinion poll predicts 2.8m votes for UKIP

The news just keeps getting better and better for UKIP with the results of an opinion poll commissioned by Lord Ashcroft showing that 1.3m people who voted Tory at the last election intend to vote UKIP at the next.

Some straws for you to clutch at
Lord Ashcroft
It gets better though - 86k people who voted Labour in 2010 and nearly 500k who voted Lib Dems also intend to vote UKIP at the next election which, when added to the 900k+ votes UKIP got in its own right in 2010, gives UKIP potentially 2.8m votes.

People who intend to vote UKIP find a Tory government marginally more palatable than the alternative by a ratio of 6:4.  This type of question in a poll produces nonsense results though because it forces you to pick a party that you don't want.  These same people also prefer the Cameron/Osbourne gruesome twosome to the Labour or Lib Dem alternative but again this produces nonsense results because none of them have a clue.

Most people saying they intend to vote for UKIP think immigration is more important than the EU and want a return to common sense and politicians listening to what they want rather than spinning bland politically correct nonsense.  UKIP is, of course, the natural home for such people.

You can read Lord Ashcroft's desperate search for a glimmer of hope on the Ashcroft-sponsored Conservative Home website.