Saturday, 5 January 2013

"Eurogendfor" - the private army of the EU, ready to march to Greece

The Sign of the Times website has an interesting article on the EU's private paramilitary police force, Eurogendfor.  Anyone who reads this and isn't worried frankly isn't worth saving!
There are articles which the reader can only comment like this: "This cannot be true, I regularly inform myself and usually think I am up to date, but why do I not know about that?" - The following is one of those: If you think of gender - the synthetic newfangled definition of sex - in connection with Euro-Gender-For, you are on the wrong track. The name is a showpiece of the intellectual power of innovation of the French: Instead of EU rambo troops or Goldman Sachs bodyguards along the lines of Blackwater a "police"-private army has emerged. This way the Germans from Angela Merkel's faction may deflect the "indignation" that they trigger in the countries of the oh-so-liberal euro-Europe to the French. But at the latest upon arrival in Greece, this spin doesn't work any longer.

In Spain, the public protests increase daily. While the Germans recommend the southerners to get out of bed earlier, to take fewer holidays and to work harder, the wrath of the Greek people unloads on the streets of the country. There is seething unrest and turmoil everywhere, people all over Europe are in fear of civil war-like conditions, triggered by the crisis. That is known in the EU headquarters too and appropriate provisions have already been taken.

For the first time now, the EU's private army, making ready for departure to Greece, is prepared for deployment. Hardly any European knows this secret force that goes by the name of "Eurogendfor". The command of this more than 3,000-strong special intervention group is located in Vicenza, Italy. Originally the former French defense minister Alliot-Marie pushed the creation of this force after there had been more and more riots in France with street battles and lootings caused by young Muslim immigrants. "Eurogendfor" is everything: police, criminal police, army and intelligence. The responsibilities of these troops are practically unlimited. It is to ensure, in close cooperation with European military personnel, the "security in European conflict areas." Their job is especially to crush uprisings. More and more EU states join "Eurogendfor".
Read the rest on the SOTT website and be afraid.