Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Heathen bastards in Leicestershire?

Maybe it was one too many New Year celebrations of the fermented variety or maybe he just didn't engage his brain before putting his fingers on his keyboard but this delightful New Year's message has appeared a Leicesterchire councillor's blog:
2013 will be a bad year for the fat wallet Tories in N W Leicestershire and rightly so. Their party is in turmoil and infighting is causing problems for their top tier. They have no answer to Labour who have no answer to anything and will be fielding a bunch of second raters in May. The fact that the electorate are largely ignorant of the candidates and too lazy to find out is Labour's strongest, in fact only policy. Definate losers will be in Forest & Measham, Ibstock & Appleby and extemely likely Whitwick & Thringstone Thank you both for your Christmas cards but I know you are heathen bastards grovelling for my vote so you have no chance of that. 1987 revisited but with Labour taking seats back and achieving absolutely nothing again, just as in the previous 33 years under them.
This has come from the keyboard of "independent" Leicestershire councillor, Graham Partner.  Cllr Partner is a former-BNP councillor who now sits as an independent but he is a member of a political party.  Can you guess which one it is?  Here's a couple of clues before we do the big reveal:
  • Former BNP member
  • Obsession with Muslims
  • Intemperate language
  • Unprofessional behaviour

It couldn't be anyone else could it?
Cllr Partner's register of interests confirms that he is a member of the English Democrats.  The entire NW Leics branch of the BNP switched to the English Democrats before this year's local elections helping to complete the BNP takeover of that party.