Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New Forest District Councillor defects to UKIP

Conservative New Forest District Councillor, Chris Lagdon, has defected to UKIP over a decision to start charging disabled drivers for parking.

UKIP's policies on disability and incapacity have been brought right up to date by the fantastic Star Etheridge who is a wheelchair user herself.  One thing UKIP is getting really good at is getting industry experts to advise on policy.  UKIP's defence policy has been revised by a former RAF officers and the health policy was rewritten by a former matron.

Cllr Lagdon said that he couldn't be part of an administration that tries to make money out of vulnerable people and described some of the arguments in favour of charging disabled people to park as "infantile thinking".
I cannot be associated with a party which treats the disabled of our community with such contempt
Cllr Lagdon is UKIP's first district councillor on New Forest District Council and will hopefully be joined by many more in May.