Friday, 5 April 2013

UKIP win by-election in Humberston & New Waltham

UKIP got some great by-election results yesterday: one win and two second places which made up for the one last place.
Humberston & New Waltham
PartyCandidateVotesVote %Change
UKIPStephen Harness1,09842.0%+6.6%
ConservativeHarry Hall73828.2%-15.3%
LabourAshley Smith47018.0%-3.1%
Lib DemStephen Stead31111.9%+11.9%

PartyCandidateVotesVote %Change
LabourSam Murphy1,08457.4%-22.7%
UKIPAlan Freeman45123.9%+23.9%
Community ActionPeter Franzen20310.7%-1.0%
ConservativeJonathan Cartwright894.7%-3.5%
BNPDennis Shambley633.3%+3.3%

PartyCandidateVotesVote %Change
LabourWendy Smith1,54267.2%+5.9%
UKIPIrenea Marriott34715.1%+15.1%
ConservativeIan Culley1767.7%-11.9%
GreenKatharina Boettge1034.5%+4.5%
Lib DemJohn Calvert964.2%-5.8%
Elvis Loves PetsDavid Bishop311.4%+1.4%

Wollaton East and Lenton Abbey
PartyCandidateVotesVote %Change
LabourSam Webster62752.9%+10.0%
Lib DemTony Sutton36831.0%+1.4%
ConservativeJeanna Parton1169.8%-14.3%
UKIPAndrew Taylor756.3%+2.8%

Congratulations on the win Cllr Harness and well done to the other three candidates for putting themselves forward and achieving two second places.