Thursday, 23 October 2014

ComRes poll puts UKIP 13% ahead in Rochester & Strood

A ComRes constituency poll in Rochester & Strood puts UKIP 13% clear of the Conservatives in next month's by-election caused by the defection to UKIP and subsequent resignation of Mark Reckless.

The key statistic that will send Labour into panic mode and proves Cameron's "vote UKIP, get Labour" propaganda to be absolute nonsense is that 39% of people who voted Conservative last election will be voting UKIP, 39% of people who voted Lib Dem last election will be voting UKIP and 30% of people who voted Labour last time will be voting UKIP. We are taking votes off all three of the old parties.

Like we saw in the Heywood & Middleton by-election earlier this month, a vote for the Conservatives is a vote for Labour and don't let David Cameron or the Tory propaganda machine con you into thinking otherwise.

Lib Dem3%