Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Angela Merkel will veto attempts to limit immigration

Angela Merkel says she will veto any attempts to limit immigration within the EU.

David Cameron is running out of time to get any meaningful changes to our relationship with the EU. Every time he makes a promise to stop something from happening or change the way something works he comes up against the immovable force that is Germany who want to change nothing because the EU is run by and for Germany.

Tory minister Grant Shapps refused to admit that they can do nothing to limit immigration from the EU on last night's BBC The Agenda, instead bragging about how the Tories have discriminated against skilled workers from our friends in the Commonwealth to try and mitigate the unsustainable level of immigration from unskilled workers and benefits tourists from the EU.

Alright, I'll give you the shirt of my back but please just pretend you're going to let
me do something about immigration until after the election