Saturday, 29 November 2014

Just 20 people turn up for left wing protest against UKIP in Penarth

A small rabble of intolerant left wing protesters tried to disrupt the new UKIP café in Penarth this afternoon.

Members of the Marxist Socialist Workers Party front, Stand up to UKIP, demonstrated their obstinate intolerance and prejudice against UKIP by waving placards accusing UKIP of racism and bigotry and collecting signatures on a petition to kick UKIP out of Penarth. If this picture of the petition is anything to go by, UKIP Penarth don't have much to worry about:

Paddington Bear, Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan, Bin Laden, Sadam (sic), Nelson Mandela and Jet Lee all made the effort to go to south Wales to sign a petition against UKIP. As most of them are dead, they presumably signed via a Ouija Board or a medium.