Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Nigel Farage on last night's EU arrest warrant farce

David Cameron PROMISED a House of Commons a vote on the European Arrest Warrant last night. Guess what? He lied. AGAIN.
This government has consistently treated the British people with contempt. Even the Conservative Party's own Members of Parliament accused it of "deception", and Speaker Bercow, with whom I rarely agree, called it a "sorry saga". He was right.

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP said it was "fundamentally underhand" while Bill Cash MP said it was a "disgraceful way of going about a very important matter".

Because the government has acted in this way, the British public will likely be dragged back into the European Arrest Warrant, without so much as a vote for our democratic representatives.

And yet the Tories want you to believe they are tough on Europe.

Watch this video below, and consider donating us £3.70£37, or £370 to represent the scant few Tories who opposed further EU integration last night. You guessed it: there was ONLY 37 OF THEM.



Remember, on the European Arrest Warrant (and just about everything else)... don't trust the Tories.

Thank You,
Nigel Farage

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