Saturday, 29 November 2014

University of East Anglia bans UKIP then backtracks

A political debate at the University of East Anglia has been cancelled after a Lib Dem "Environmental Awareness Scholar" started a petition to exclude UKIP from the campus.

Timea Suli's petition said it was necessary to hold the debate off the campus if UKIP were involved so that students could "feel safe, secure and respected". There is no explanation why students would feel unsafe, insecure or disrespected if UKIP was represented in the political debate, it is simply politically motivated:
We are hoping to gain attention on the issue and encourage support from people who believe that UKIP do not deserve a podium at our tolerant campus.
The University of East Anglia has attracted lots of criticism over the key role it played in producing fraudulent "science" to back up the extremist global warming agenda and attempts to destroy the careers of the honest scientists who tried to expose it. There are probably very few staff at UEA who would want UKIP on the campus given the party's stance on the global warming fraud that the university makes vast sums of money promoting.

Following public criticism and unwanted media attention over the ban, the Student Union says that it will reschedule the debate.