Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Cameron pledges to fight for EU membership for Turkey

David Cameron says that he very much supports Turkey joining the EU and has pledged to fight for their membership.

Turkey shares a border with Syria which Islamic State terrorists are currently rampaging through. It is a country of 75m people with a GDP of just £7k per person, compared to the UK's £25k. The European part of Turkey is relatively wealthy but the Asian part of the country suffers from high levels of unemployment and poverty.

If Turkey joins the EU and our borders are opened to 75m Turkish citizens, it is the impoverished and increasingly radicalised Anatolians who will be migrating across the continent. Of the 3.77m strong Turkish global diaspora, over 3.1m are living in Europe.

Every time he opens his mouth Cameron shows how incredibly out of touch he is with public opinion both at home and abroad. Turkey in the EU would be a square peg in a round hole and nobody in their right mind believes that extending the EU's borders into Asia would provide prosperity or security for the nations Europe.