Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Former Labour mayor of Blackburn defects to UKIP

The former mayor of Blackburn, Michael Madigan, has defected to UKIP.

Madigan was a Labour councillor for 25 years and has been a Labour Party member for over 40 years. He has explained his reasons for defecting in some detail:
The leadership of the party has been reacting to policies promoted by the coalition government and not leading with clear alternatives.

The Labour Party’s outright opposition to welfare reform, has not in my opinion, done them any credit.

Also we cannot indefinitely continue to support with tax payers money those who do not make, and have never made, any contribution to the public coffers or to society generally. This is not congruent with the Beveridge principles (Social Security based on contribution and service) which have been diluted to a great extent, particularly by the Labour government.

The Labour Party has created an environment that has caused the development of parallel communities by the promotion of multiculturalism.

Their policies have contributed to the radicalisation of young Muslims with the increase of non-EU immigration, the imposition of political correctness, the relaxation of border controls, an illegal war in Iraq and importantly the issue of too many work permits for clerics from the Indian sub-continent.

The Labour Party promoted postal votes on demand which in my opinion has opened the door for abuse on a very large scale witnessed in Blackburn, East Lancashire and Birmingham in particular.

I have given many thousands of hours to the Labour Party but it has changed dramatically and no longer represents my views and the views of many other former loyal supporters.

I believe that UKIP is now the party of the working class and is the only one that will fight for our interests and not just act for the benefit of the out of touch Westminster elite.