Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

UKIP General Secretary, Roger Bird, has released some of the text messages he received from Natasha Bolter, the candidate who accused him of impropriety over the candidate selection process.

Natasha Bolter was a Labour Party member in Tower Hamlets until September when she defected to UKIP. In a speech to conference in September she praised UKIP's policies on the NHS and education whilst slating Labour for betraying its roots and tokenism with female candidates, describing the Labour Party as misogynistic. She has now resigned from UKIP, accusing Roger Bird of sexually harassing her and approving her for the Westminster candidate list because he fancied her and not because she passed the assessment. She's decided that UKIP is also misogynistic and apparently racist as well. In response, Roger has made public some of the text messages his "victim" sent him:
Nov 9, 17.26:
I am really missing u bird...
Nov 6, 19.05
I have sang you praises to Nigel for 12 minutes
Nov 6, 00.24:
U r not coming back and accordingly my life will go back to a meaningless void and it was chance that I met u. But I didn't invent u - u were real...
Nov 2, 23.45:
I love u bird and wish u let me look after u. Hope u feel better xx
Nov 1, 09.27:
But I love u and miss u and think u r sort of perfect...
Oct 30, 18.12:
I am really looking forward to c bird x
Oct 28, 19.20:
...it's so lovely to hear from u x
Oct 19, 21.09:
Anyway bird I always f--- up and u don't let me in! And let go and u can trust me x. Ps thanks u for 2 nd chance but will probably screw it up!
Oct 14, 09.31:
U r a really great mentor bird
Sep 27 09.48:
R u still cool with me leaving suitcase here and coming home with u? Xx
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.