Saturday, 13 December 2014

UKIP win in Boston

UKIP candidate, Robert Foulkes, won a by-election in Boston on Thursday taking UKIP's representation on Lincolnshire County Council up to 12.

The UKIP group was the official opposition on Lincolnshire County Council until the then leader of the group, Cllr Chris Pain, was caught circulating an email trying to get members to rebel against the party over the PPC selection process that he was unsuccessful in and formed a new group with some other UKIP councillors. They were all expelled and the UKIP group as it stands now has 12 members, the same as the Labour group.

Robert FoulkesUKIP40031.5%
Mark AshberryLabour26821.1%
Matthew LeeConservative26120.5%
Max SawyerLincs Independents19915.7%
Harrish BisnauthsingLib Dem14211.2%