Wednesday, 7 January 2015

David Cameron and Angela Merkel reiterate their commitment to unlimited immigration

David Cameron and Angela Merkel have made a joint statement today reiterating their commitment to unlimited immigration from EU countries and ruling out the treaty changes needed to carry out Cameron's promised repatriation of powers.

Just three months ago David Cameron told the Conservative Party conference that ending unlimited immigration from the EU was "at the very heart" of his renegotiation deal, Today he's committed to keeping it going. He has promised to repatriate powers back from the EU on employment and social policy, including benefits but today he and Angela Merkel agreed that the EU treaty changes needed to make it happen aren't going to happen.

All this talk of renegotiation has just been a diversion to keep Conservative Party activists and voters clinging to the vain hope that David Cameron will suddenly reveal himself as a secret eurosceptic and deliver them from the evil EU empire. It's not going to happen.